Clochee Mature Skin Set

C$238.00 C$119.00
This set includes all the nourishing products that mom needs! With its natural growth factors, it is perfect for more mature skins who need a complete and well designed skin care routine.

This nourishing set includes all the essentials of a perfect daily routine: An apple stem cells serum to support collagen production, day cream, night cream and an eye contour.

Nourishing-Rejuvenating Serum (30 ml) EXPIRY: 07/2020

This serum is excellent for mature skin. Winner of several awards for its impressive anti-aging results and its intensive nutrition, it nourishes and firms the skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream (50 ml) EXPIRY: 06/2020

This anti-wrinkle day cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the condition of tired-looking skin. Its light an non-greasy formula makes it easily absorbed and thus perfect as a make-up foundation.

Rejuvenating-Regenerating Night Cream (50 ml) EXPIRY: 08/2020

This night cream strengthens the natural night repair process. It is easily absorbed and intensely regenerates your skin while you sleep.

Intensive Regenerating Eye Cream-Mask (15 ml) EXPIRY: 10/2020

This 2 in 1 mask-cream is perfect for mature skin, which needs intense regeneration. 2-in-1 care, both cream and intensive mask for the eyes, regenerating, protective and nourishing.