About us

Our President and Founder

Alexandra was first introduced to physician-dispensed skincare when she started working in a medico-aesthetic clinic in 2015. There, she was introduced to SkinMedica® and fell in love with it! She then registered a sole proprietorship enterprise to directly provide those products to the clinic's patients. 

In 2018, Alexandra expanded her commercial activities to wholesale & distribution and registered Les boutiquiers Apotikaire Inc. as an official skincare retailer and distributor. She designed this website as a catalog for her retailers, and to make sure her former patients would continue to have access to those amazing skincare products. 

Alexandra still works closely with doctors, nurses & aestheticians in the medico-aesthetic field in Quebec. Therefore, she remains aware of the latest trends in aesthetics and skincare, while enjoying the medical supervision required by physician-dispensed skincare brands. 

Alexandra Léonard, Apotikaire's Founder and President

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer superior quality and carefully selected products to let everyone be beautiful while respecting their skin's health! We are making no compromise and offering you only the best of the best!

Our Values

Professionalism & Work Ethic: At Apotikaire, we act with professionalism and work ethic with both our suppliers and our customers.

Entrepreneurship & Passion: Every person directly or indirectly involved in Apotikaire is passionate about the skin! Our collaborative management style encourages all employees to live their passion to the fullest.

Honesty & Transparency: Apotikaire is also an educational area to discover and learn the distinction between the different active ingredients, components, treatments and care available according to the different needs of our customers. 

Environnementally Aware: We limit the number of shipments and reduce our packaging to a minimum. We also recycle our manufacturer’s boxes to send out our orders! We prioritize eco-friendly business partners (suppliers, event partners, retailers).