About us

Our philosophy

Apothecaries were the precursors of the pharmacists as we know them today. Their goals were to heal and to improve the general health of people. This is the philosophy that Les boutiquiers Apotikaire is sharing: We want to help people improve the health of their skin by offering them exceptional products.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the beauty of the face while respecting the health of the skin through a personalized consultation service and products of superior quality.

Our values and our beliefs

Professionalism and work ethic: At Les Boutiquiers Apotikaire, we demonstrate professionalism and work ethic to both our suppliers and our customers. This value affects all choices that the company makes.

Entrepreneurship and passion: Every person involved in the business is passionate about skin care products and is free to bring new ideas ! Our collaborative management style encourages all employees to live their passion to the fullest.

Honesty and transparency: Les boutiquiers Apotikaire is also an educational area to discover and learn the distinction between the different active ingredients, components, treatments and care available according to the different needs of our customers. Our employees receive regular training and obtain the required certifications to provide the most appropriate advice. 

We are aware of the environment: Our environmental conscience is supported: We limit the number of movements of goods and reduce our packaging to a minimum. We also recycle our manufacturer’s boxes to send out our orders! We also prioritize eco-friendly business partners (suppliers, event partners, retailers).


We conclude exclusive distribution agreements with manufacturers around the world and develop the appropriate North-American distribution and merchandising plan. Our team provides in-store representation, social media management, and freight logistics.

Are you a merchant or retailer and would like to sell our products? Contact us by email via [email protected] We are constantly looking for partners for the Canadian distribution of our products.